Bewildered Greeny

The Woman Behind All the Plants :)


So this is me.. the Woman behind the plants and the author of this website. I live in Southern California. *USDA Zone 9 :: Sunset Zone 18* I feel so privileged to live in Southern California, the weather here is always good all year round and plants "Love" that lol So with that being said I am able to get away with planting most plants right in my backyard. Of course they all have their own little quarks but thats the fun of it and it gives them personalities ;p 

When I'm not with my plants I am working, going to school, with my pets, online, shopping, or spending time with family.  Busy Busy! 

I enjoy researching plants that are unique and rare. I like the idea of helping endangered plant species survive. The thought of something no longer existing on earth really bothers me and I am interested in preventing that. I know being just one person it may not be enough or may not make any difference either way but at least I'm trying. I would like for our future generations to be able to enjoy the beautiful plants and animals, that we now just take advantage of and walk all over.

You'll notice that the plants I love/have are the unique, rare, colorful, bright, or just plain challenging. One of my favorite things to do is propagate from cuttings.  I love the idea that you can take a replica of the mother plant that had originally caught my eye.  Just one problem lol I haven't quite gotten the hang of doing this yet. The only cuttings I have propagated successfully so far are those I propagated in water. I'll get them to propagate in soil eventually :)  Next up from cuttings is seeds! I love planting seeds and watching them grow :)  All this takes a lot of patience and waiting, which I'm good with doing as I know the positives will quickly overtake the negatives.  

BewilderedGreeny is a user name that I came up with for my Helpful Gardener account.   The way I came up with it was simply that I "always" seemed to be bewildered (confused) about plants, and I am a "Greeny" ( New ) to Gardening. Of course this was just how I came up with it... you can see it however you please :) 
Later on when I decided I needed to start documenting my plants I decided that "BewilderedGreeny" not only makes a great account name but that it also would work great for my website name :) So that is where "Bewildered Greeny" came from! Fun stuff huh? lol Hope you enjoy the site!