Bewildered Greeny

June 29, 2010

So here it is! My Hibiscus Cutting. I decided not to propagate this cutting in water as to try avoiding the possibility of it dying later on from weak water roots even though I'm still not completely sure if it is a proven fact that water roots are weak or not but either way I wanted to be on the safe side. Besides I figured I hadn't successfully propagated anything by directly potting it in soil so I figured this might be my chance to as the Lantana in soil failed :( 

As you can see in this picture the two bottom leaves were "huge" so eventually I decided they were most likely doing more harm then good and cut them off. I read somewhere that by cutting off large leaves It allows the plant to concentrate on developing roots rather then developing the large leaves. So really this could have either been a good thing or a bad thing I'm really not sure lol But we'll find out when it grows or dies. = / Either way I'll be sure to update soon :)

July 21, 2010


Sadly this lil' hibiscus doesn't look like its going to make it... It's looking pretty dead right now as you can see in the picture. I see that the stem is still green so I still have a bit of hope that it "might" bounce back. Though I'm thinking with its leaves being dead that the stem doesn't have much of a chance. Whelp we'll see. :( 

July 22, 2010 " R.I.P "

Sadly this plant has passed :(  I may have done many things wrong such as cutting off one to many leaves, or letting it dry out to much, or ... not rooting it with other hibiscus. All of which I just read that I should do. I also may have rooted it in the wrong kind of soil. The soil I had didn't drain fast enough and the pot I used may have been to small. Lets see what else? Oh.. the cutting may have been to short as well. 

What I plan to do is take a few more brand new cuttings from my brothers house again in order to root them all together ( better chances of one or all of them rooting ) This time I will use a larger pot... get longer cuttings, use a well draining soil, and this time keep the top leaves on but maybe cut them in half if they are large. I really want to get the hang of rooting things in soil cuz I haven't had much luck with it yet or at all for that matter lol... I think the only cutting i've been able to root in soil so far is.... NONE! LOL oh dear I must be doing something wrong = / not sure what yet though.