Bewildered Greeny

September 6, 2010


This lil' one had a rough start. I purchased him from ebay and he had a rough trip through the mail. He showed up pretty beaten up with one leaf already completely missing (probably chopped off by previous owners for some reason ) And the other leaf was just barely hanging on by a thread. = (  Just happy to know it had arrived and was now in good care made me feel a lot better but I knew it had a long recovery ahead. It did however have one leaf that was still in tact which is the leaf on the right hand side in the picture. The lighter green leaf on the left side of the picture is brand new!! :D It finally recovered enough in order to get new growth which is a sign that I am doing good caring for it. :) I named this lil' one Hakuna Matata "No Worries" It signifies so much for me and seemed proper for all that this plant has gone through :)