Bewildered Greeny

Gorgeous Hibiscus


This is another plant inspired by my brothers backyard fence lol One of my other brothers saw an absolutely gorgeous Hibiscus poking over the fence while I was looking for cuttings of the Lantana to take and I couldn't help but take a cutting from this beautiful Hibiscus as well. Call me crazy but I just couldn't pass this plant up. It was similar in looks to the picture shown to the left but perhaps not exactly the same.. but close, probably even more gorgeous. 

There are so many different uses for the Hibiscus plant. Much to many for me to list here but you can easily see the many Uses by looking up "Hibiscus" on Wikipedia. 

Plant Care

Deep, moderately fertile, well drained, and slightly acidic soil is ideal. Regular pruning is necessary in most cases to shape and control size, and to remove unwanted stems.
Light: Sun or very high, partial shade.
Moisture: Fairly moist.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 9-10.
Propagation: Cuttings, grafts