Bewildered Greeny

"Intense Rainbow" July 3, 2010

So I couldn't resist actually growing these from seed since I love the way they look. And quickly got some seeds from Ebay lol! I got the "Intense Rainbow" variation.Plumeria seeds are not true to the parent plant. Which means the seedlings can be very different from the parent plumeria.  Seeds are the reason there are over 300 named varieties. I can't wait to find out what the blooms on my plumeria will look like! Right now I have planted three Plumeria Seeds only one has sprouted so far and i'm completely giddy about it :) It has already shed its husk, and has began to develop its first set of leaves!! Yay! 

First Set of True Leaves :) July 4,2010


Here is a photo of the same Plumeria shown above but with its brand new set of leaves! :D I am so happy that I am growing a Plumeria. It will be so rewarding once it is grown and is able to produce flowers :) I hear that Plumeria hate wet feet so I have been trying to keep my TLC to a minimum. I tend to get water happy with my plants I admit it! It is going to be hard to only water it once a week when it gets older and during winter = / 

July 9, 2010


Leaves are getting much larger and have grown quite a bit in just under a week. It is said that Plumerias Love Sun. So I've been trying to give it as much sun as I can without giving it a sunburn ;p

July 13, 2010


I tried to capture all the leaves in this photo but was having trouble showing them all off. It now has four leaves!! :D This Plumeria is going so well. I can't wait until it starts to bloom lol 

July 18, 2010


Still growing like wild fire! I noticed today that it looks as though the plumerias very first starter husk leaves seem to be wilting. I figured this would eventually happen Anyway. I am a bit excited to see them go actually lol! (watch them not wilt and fall off!! That'd be about right ;p ) So far so good as you can see some more leaves are coming in again in the middle of all the other leaves, it amazes me how the plant can make room for them all. Watching this plumeria grow has been so amazing and rewarding.

July 20, 2010


Woo hoo! Look! Another leaf! lol ... You can also see that the starter leaves are now for the most part shriveled up and will likely drop within the next few days I'm guessing. 

August 14, 2010

Ok.. so something strange is going on with Intense Rainbow = /  one morning I noticed a black spot on one of the leafs and the leaf soon after shriveled up and fell off... then the next day the next leaf started to yellow. hmm It was growing great for a while.. whats up with it now? To much sun perhaps? O.o

September 6, 2010


So seeing as my plumeria wasn't doing well in the location I had it I moved it up onto a table with my other plants and out from direct sun. (which I thought would be bad for it because plumerias like lots of sun) I also re-potted it into a brand new plastic pot.  Quite the upgrade from the other biodegradable pot I had it in. I also fertilized it. But never the less my plumeria is now doing much better and is back to its regular old blooming like crazy self again Yay! :D Thank Goodness :) I thought for a moment there that I might lose it :)