Bewildered Greeny

Water Propagation June 2010

When taking cuttings of bougainvillea I was still very new to the concept of taking cuttings and really didn't know a lot about it. Having done some research and mixed with my typical confusion I decided to take a cutting of both hard and soft wood. I wanted to know for sure what worked and what would work. Come to find out that both hard and soft wood rooted just as easily in water :D With all my cuttings that i've rooted in water I've made sure to change the water at least once or twice a day which provides not only clean water but also air circulation within the water for root growth :) To the left is a photo of My Bougainvillea all the way in the furthest left pot rooting in water :) 

June 30, 2010

Although super small if you look closely at the bottom end of the Bougainvillea Stems to the left you will see little white spots scattered all over the stem... those are a sign of Roots! With tons of patience these babies rooted in 3-4 weeks if I remember rightly. As you can see in this photo one of them is Hard wood and the Other is Soft wood. 
At first I had thought these were hard water deposits forming on the stem and my Dad even (jokingly) said they were barnacles forming lol! But nope they are roots and I still have these in water because the roots hadn't quite started to poke out until just recently. I guess it takes a lot of work to get a root to poke out from a Bougainvillea stem :p  I still hadn't decided how I am going to pot these.. I'm thinking I'll need to put them in with some sort of vine support or something, I'm really not sure yet but I will be sure to keep ya posted!

July 22, 2010


So far so good... the smaller Bougainvillea seems a bit stressed but I'm hoping it'll pull through it. the larger one seems to be doing well. I haven't quite figured out the Bougainvillea yet. I know they are a vine but they seem so slow growing... and I'm really not sure where I'm going to put them yet... perhaps I'll get a few large sticks for them to grow on when I transplant them to a larger pot.

August 13, 2010

Alright so I've decided that these plants are extremely slow growers. They get one leaf here another leaf their but not all at once... just gradually. I am more worried about the one I rooted from hard wood then I am about the one taken from soft wood.  But either way they are both at least growing for the time being ... Good signs.

September 6, 2010


These two have really taken off, I think it was the fertilizer. they were very sparse in vegetation before the fertilizer and pot change. Perhaps the combination of the two just made them super happy. Either way they are growing like crazy especially the none woody cutting it just keeps getting taller and taller I had to prop it up with a bamboo skewer a couple days ago in order to support it so it didn't weigh itself outta the pot.  :D