Bewildered Greeny

Vriesea splendens, aka Fiery Sword


July 18, 2010

7/18/10 - Above are photos of the Bromeliad that I purchased from Home Depot on clearance in June :)  It really is such a gorgeous plant. I've really grown fond of Bromeliads in general but so far I've only purchased one. I think next time I get one it will be the "flaming sword" type..which are equally beautiful. I also like the purple and pink ones. There are so many possibilities with bromelaid "and" they even have pups :D My Bromeliad has already gave me two pups but only one of the pups took root. I think I may have harvested the other one wrong and it didn't get enough root from the mom plant to survive. I still have it potted though in hopes it'll change its mind lol

August 1, 2010


So as you can see in the picture my bromeliad seems to be doing very well. It has grown quite a bit and has been blooming yellowish green flowers ( see them on the top of the red bloom? They look like little yellow bunny ears lol ). I have really grown fond of these plants. All bromeliad seem so refreshing to me. So Unique, so vibrant.

The pup that survived is still growing. (Though it doesn't look like its changing much lol) Just slow growing I suppose. I read somewhere that it can take a Bromeliad pup two years to grow and mature to blooming age. Crazy! Tis' a long time but once again I Love my Bromeliads :)

August 13, 2010

Yay! My bromeliad is growing more pups! I've counted four so far :D These plants are so amazing that I had to explore more about them and ended up becoming absolutely mesmerized by them. Now I own like... eight of them lol!

September 5, 2010

My Bromeilaid is doing great :) It looked as though it was going to flower but ended up having pups instead of flowering all the way through. 

Its now got four or five pups growing from it and is still as vibrant as ever :) The pups are getting pretty big as you can see in the photos. Not quite big enough to be separated from mom but they are on their way for sure :D I hope to have this plant for a long time as I think it is just so beautiful :)

Which makes me wonder if it is possible to clone the parent plant hmm more to research :D