Bewildered Greeny

Reasons Behind The Madness

Believe it or not I have reason for my interest and love of plants. And though it may just be something rooted in me from childhood, as my favorite color has always been "Green", my interest in plants and nature has always been a part of me. Having the ability to grow something that will bring serenity and hope to those of us in the present as well as in the future is an amazing thought.

People have been labeled as "tree huggers" as though it is a bad thing. But really what is so bad about wanting the earth we live in to thrive and replenish what we as humans so readily destroy?  And even though I'm not making a huge difference by planting things at least It is something I love and am contributing. 

It is also something I enjoy doing and have found recently that I could make a decent hobby out of it. There are so many different aspects of plants and I can't seem to get enough of it lately. The insects that come with it  however... I could definitely do without. But thats another topic all together ;p 

So yes, I love animals, I love nature, I enjoy the world we live in and want it to thrive as we are. Perhaps I am a "tree hugger" and darn well proud of it ;p As for the reason of this Website. Its simply to keep a journal of all the plants that I am working on at the moment and monitoring their individual progress. These plants are so far my favorite and most loved plants of all and I'm hoping that with time this website will grow to be a valuable resource for others to learn from through my experience. Lately searching the internet for detailed information on plant progress with pictures included has been difficult for me to find. I hope that this website will inspire, educate, and help others on their journey to gardening.