Bewildered Greeny

Jana the Jade Vine - 8/6/2010

Alright so here it is!  It finally arrived and I'm so happy to finally have it.  Tis' just a wee one right now but I hear that these Jade vines can get pretty massive. 

Since I just received it today it will be spending the next two weeks or so in recovery. It actually looks in pretty good shape considering it Traveled from across the USA lol I'm really hoping for it to do well here. I plan to keep it inside for a couple days to maintain a steady temperature and lighting before I move it outside.. ( I really really don't want to put it outside with all the bugs!!  ) I am going to try my best though not to spoil the plant to much as I hear that is one of the biggest mistakes one can make with plant. 

It is in a 2.5in pot right now and after giving it time to adjust to its new home for a couple weeks I will transplant it into a 4-5in pot. It just seems so large... I'd think it would have been in a larger pot but I guess they put it in a small pot for packing..  

I'm not sure what to use right now as a support for the vine as its still in such a small pot. Do they sell mini trellises?  

I love this plant so much already and can't wait to watch as it grows. 

September 6,2010


Here is my jade vine Jana now. She seems to be doing well I've has some trouble getting her up onto a decent trellace and seem to have to move her around alot. she has however put on a bit of new growth I'm starting to see little stubs coming from the other branches which i'm thinking is a sign that she is happy. I'm really hoping that she will start to grow a lot more soon to show me that she has fully recovered from the shock of the shipping and transplanting. I know jade vines can be tempermental if not provided with the correct conditions. So lets hope the weather stays warm as long as possible.  Every single time she loses a leaf I have an automatic reaction to want to propagate it lol. I know how rare this plant is and I want as many as I can possibly get.  They are such a treasure to me. I don't actually think it would be possible to propagate a jade vine from its leaf but you never know :) Another thing to research more about I suppose ;p