Bewildered Greeny

Water Propagation June 2010


To the left is a photo of my Lantana in water while developing their roots. The Lantana are in the middle container between my Oleander (right) and my Bougainvillea (left) 

Planted in Soil July 2, 2010


Here is a photo of my Lantana now in individual pots :)  They seem to be doing well so far though I hear that alot of the time Plants that grow roots in water might die once they are transplanted to soil. But I am keeping my hopes up and am positive that these two lantana are in it for the long haul ;p 

July 21, 2010


These two which I call the "Twins" have really taken off! They are doing wonderfully and are really starting to look like actual plants rather then dead leaves. For a couple of plants that I really was expecting to die while trying to water root, they sure have proved me wrong and are now healthy and strong. :D :D :D

August 13, 2010

So far they are doing great! They even got their first... bloom looking things which I decided to pinch of in order to encourage new growth elsewhere to promote a fuller "bushier" look. I really don't have any worries about these two they seem to be quite happy atm :)

September 6, 2010

I Love these! I repotted them and fertilized them and since then they have just really taken off.  They are so gorgeous I couldn't have picked a better mother plant to take cuttings from. Just look at those flowers! Thats right! Flowers! They've both bloomed already! In the photo only one has blooms on it but thats only because the other one has already bloomed and shed its blooms :) What I think is completely awesome about these plants is that hummingbirds "love" them. I saw a humming bird at one this morning. <3